Selling Joomla

By Justin Kerr
August 03, 2010

Table of Contents

On Monday, July 26, 2010, members of the CMS Agencies group of met at Simone's bar and grill in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago to discuss Joomla sales and pitching solutions that included Joomla.  Members of the group were vocal about sharing their experiences, some of which are included in this article.  Justin Kerr served as the discussion moderator and also queried his friend and colleague Bruce Hollett, a seasoned IT sales professional, about the latest sales techniques and proven, fundamental methods which support successful sales.

Providing a great content management solution is one thing. Convincing customers to buy it from you is another.  Successfully selling a Joomla-based solution involves both sales fundamentals and a message that speaks to Joomla's strengths while thoroughly satisfying a prospective client's needs.

Joomla solutions providers come from a variety of backgrounds, and many operate as small- to medium-sized businesses.  Sales may be one of the more recent skills these entrepreneurs have acquired: They may be self-taught, or taking on sales duties with only tertiary experience and an unstructured method. Common sales concepts may be new, and the subtleties in mannerism and approach that enable a successful sale may emerge only by accident.

Like many Joomla solutions providers, the market for Joomla services lies strongest in the small- to medium-sized business space.  (This is for a variety of reasons; see our Joomla Project Costing article for an overview of the Joomla solutions marketplace.)  These customers require a specific message that speaks to both their needs and their industry, which can vary widely for clients of generalist agencies that provide Joomla as only one part of the total Web site solution.