Joomla Project Costing - Project Essentials

By Justin Kerr
July 01, 2010

Table of Contents

Certain elements should be a part of every Joomla project with a flat-rate price. These include:

A Contract

A written contract that both covers legal issues and that specifies a work agreement is absolutely critical for any Joomla project. At the end of the day, it will be what is specified in the signed contract that defines project deliverables, payments, responsibilities, scheduling and all other issues. A good, flat-rate Joomla contract should precisely specify the deliverables to which the service provider commits, and it should also specify any elements that the client is responsible for providing (for example, content). It may also be useful to address scheduling in the contract, although this is sometimes difficult to specify since completion of project milestones may rely upon client decision-making that will not accommodate rigid deadlines.

An Up-Front Payment

For a flat-rate Joomla contract, an up-front payment from the client is essential. It establishes the payment process, confirms the availability of a project budget, and helps prevent losing money due to abandoned projects or unscrupulous clients. Smaller projects may be divided into two payments: an up-front fee, and a payment upon completion of deliverables. Larger projects benefit from installment payments tied to the successful completion of project milestones. One consultant at the CMS Agencies meeting on June 28, 2010, said he won't publish the public Joomla site or turn over access credentials to the client until after the final project payment has been received.

Well-Managed Client Expectations

It is incumbent upon the service provider to communicate clearly with the client and keep them appraised of project updates and problems. A well-informed, engaged client is much more likely to be accepting of cost overages, project delays, and other unexpected surprises than a client who does not understand project process or stay in tune with work progress.