Joomla Project Costing - The Enterprise

By Justin Kerr
July 01, 2010

Table of Contents

The Enterprise

The enterprise market contains potentially the biggest contract opportunities for Joomla service providers. Large companies typically budget projects at significantly higher amounts than smaller companies: They have the funds to do so, and their needs are often much more expansive and specific than those of smaller organizations. These large budgets allow for more flexibility in project estimating, as it's easier to balance less-profitable areas of the estimate with more profitable ones.

Still, though, selling Joomla into the enterprise remains a big challenge. The No. 1 reason is the presence of existing content management platforms, most of which consist of commercial, proprietary software that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Large enterprises shot their wads several years to a decade ago on these expensive, proprietary solutions, and they'll be darned if they're going to drop their investment (as well as get executives to admit they might have been wrong). Meanwhile, proprietary CMS vendors do everything they can to keep their hooks into the enterprise client, even giving away their product and making it as difficult as possible to migrate to a different solution. Unfortunately, a bias against open source still lingers in certain corners of the enterprise, even though that enterprise is almost certainly running or relying upon open source somewhere. Many corporate managers who control purse strings want to be able to point the finger if a project goes south: With open source, it's no longer possible to offload blame to the software vendor.

Enterprises have had some legitimate arguments against open source CMS solutions, but these are disappearing rapidly. In the case of Joomla, third-party providers have started to step in and implement solutions that deliver missing enterprise-level features. (For example, Jentla is a product that brings multi-site capabilities to Joomla.) That old bugbear of no support is also fading fast, with always-on providers like Open Source Support Desk delivering expert open source support contracts for corporations with specific support requirements.

Joomla's move into the enterprise is slowly starting to gain steam, with extremely large companies like Tesco (third-largest retailer in the world) moving entirely to Joomla. Also, lots of Joomla adoption is occurring internationally and in the not-for-profit and government sectors. Watch the home page and also the brand-new Joomla Community Magazine for news about enterprise Joomla implementations.