Joomla Project Costing

By Justin Kerr
July 01, 2010

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On Monday, June 28, 2010, members of the CMS Agencies group of met at Simone's bar and grill in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago to discuss the issue of Joomla Project Costing and to listen to a presentation from Justin Kerr. Due to the intimate size of the group and the cozy environs, the presentation turned into a moderated discussion, with members chiming in with their ideas and personal experiences. This article includes materials from Justin Kerr's presentation and observations taken from this first CMS Agencies meeting.


Joomla is a popular solution for all kinds of Web sites. Even though it's one of the easiest content management systems to use, setup of a well-running and successful Joomla site requires time and expertise.

An accurate cost estimate is essential to the success of a Joomla project. This applies equally to solo site developers who want to make the most of their efforts, as well as to businesses that offer Joomla implementation services.

Pick Your Market

When offering Joomla services commercially, one of the first project costing elements to consider is the target market.  Different sizes of clients – and the specific business niches they occupy – call for different methods of estimating costs, as well as specific approaches for selling a client on a project at that price. A nuanced and well-balanced costing methodology tailored to the target market will absolutely help to support sales, no matter whether this takes place in the enterprise, in the small- to medium-sized business marketplace, or for a targeted vertical market.